Assistance with administrative procedures.

A range of services for your professional transfer with SKENO

The steps related to a relocation do not stop when your new house is found. At SKENO, we know that it is so easy to forget to make an appointment, to send a supporting document or a photocopy…

What if we took stock ? With the adviser, go through all the steps of the installation in France or abroad and check:

  • Affiliation of the employee -and that of his partner- to French social protection organisations: CPAM, Pôle Emploi, CAF, etc.;
  • Registration of children in their school, but also in their various extracurricular, sports and artistic activities
  • Insurance contracts: it is necessary to declare the change of address to the car insurance, to insure the new housing, to notify the health complementary insurance, etc. ;
  • Transfer of bank accounts to one or more local agencies
  • Registration on the electoral lists of the new municipality, transfer of the postal address, change of address of your vehicle registration document, change of regular doctor, etc.

Having your employee accompanied by SKENO also means ensuring that the accommodation will be connected to all the essential services: water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.… We take care of the transfer of subscriptions and the opening of meters. Everything your employee needs to feel home as soon as he/she arrives.

Assistance with administrative procedures.

SKENO’s administrative services, from the relocation project to the installation.

The first administrative procedures must be launched 3 months before the move They will continue until after moving day. That’s long-distance race for which the coolness will have to be preserved!

Because there are thousands of things to manage before you can settle in to a new position, SKENO takes care of all the tasks that can cause stress levels to rise.