Professional impatriation: administrative procedures.

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For foreign employees who have come to work in France, the administrative procedures are multiple, especially since they can also concern the family of the impatriate. To facilitate the installation of your foreign employees in France, SKENO supports:

  • Visa application ;
  • First application for a temporary residence permit for the foreign employee with constitution and follow-up of the file;
  • Joint application for the partner, processed simultaneously;
  • Applications for“Circulation document for minor foreigner”s (DCEM) ;
  • Application for renewal of residence permit, for the impatriate and his/her spouse;
  • Exchange of driving license ;
  • Request for a return visa .
Relocation coordination: national and international.

What are the benefits of impatriation ?

Concretely, what are the arguments in favor of impatriation ? For a company as for its employees, going to work in France is accompanied by real benefits, often financial.

For the company

For a company, settling or relocating to France can have many advantages, especially economical ones but not only:

  • Reduction of customs duties if your company was previously located outside the European Union.
  • Better control of transport costs.
  • Recruitment of local labor if your activity requires it, etc..

Moving to France may also mean offering a better living environment to your employees, and significant social benefits…

For the employee

  • Partial exemption from income tax.
  • Partial exemption from social insurance contributions and retirement pension contributions abroad.
  • Fiscal advantage concerning the tax on real estate.
  • Exemption from tax on incomes of the impatriation bonus under conditions.

Some managers can benefit from the impatriation tax regime and the corresponding bonus.

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What is impatriation?

Professional impatriation is the fact, for a French company, of bringing to France employees who initially worked abroad. This repatriation may therefore concern the French employees of this company, expatriated for several years for professional reasons, or foreign employees.

If impatriation can offer many advantages to the company as well as to its employees, it however requires many procedures.

From the establishment of a visa application to the search for a housing, through the acclimatization to the new country of residence, SKENO facilitates the installation of your foreign employees.