A range of services for successful professional mobility.

A range of services for your professional transfer with Skeno
housing search by skeno

Housing research: the SKENO process.

  • Constitution of the rental file and setting up the specifications
  • Selection and proposal of real estates via our smartphone application
  • Organization of visits with or without the employee if he cannot travel
  • Assistance with the inventory and the signing of the lease
  • Transfers and opening of meters (water, electricity, internet, etc.)
  • Delivery of the keys
Moving assistance by Skeno

Relocation coordination : national and international.

  • Analysis of the need
  • Assessment of the cubage to be moved
  • Obtaining comparative quotes
  • Competitive bidding, expertise and advice for the choice of quotes…
  • Validation, organization and management until the delivery of the furniture
  • Role of mediator in the event of after-sales service
Help with administrative procedures by Skeno

Assistance with administrative procedures.

Our non-exhaustive list of services :

  • Work permit application
  • First application or renewal of residence permit
  • Application for residency card
  • Introduction to “Passeport talent”: a multi-year residence permit
  • Application for a minor child circulation permit (DCEM)
  • Appointment request for the medical examination at the OFII and accompaniment
  • Affiliation to the CPAM (French public health insurance)
Mutation and installation by Skeno

Professional impatriation: administrative procedures.

  • Visa application
  • First application for a temporary residence permit for the foreign employee with constitution and follow-up of the file
  • Joint application for the partner, processed simultaneously
  • Applications for “Circulation document for minor foreigner” (DCEM)
  • Application for renewal of residence permit, for the impatriate and his/her spouse
  • Exchange of driving license
  • Request for a return visa